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INSET Days, Immersions, New Unlocks: A Busy Half Term

It’s amazing to think that the first half term of this academic year is already coming to a close. We’ve certainly kept ourselves busy; from facilitating INSET days through to running Immersion Days for Headteachers, the most recent of which focused on different models of leadership. During this intense day we met with leaders from a vast range of organisations. Interestingly the overriding theme was that of investing time and energy into your people such that they are best prepared to offer your clients the greatest service – a message that sat well with what the Heads were trying to achieve.


We’ve also started to launch this year’s Unlock programmes. Our partner schools have done a great job of selecting participants – we’re looking forward to working with the students throughout this year and seeing the impact Unlock has on them.  We have capacity to run just a few more programmes so if you’re interested in Unlock for your students, do give Jen a call. 

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